Wit & Whimsy Paperie is boutique letterpress studio where we fancy making custom wedding invitations & other letterpress goodness.

Wedding Invitations

The heart of Wit & Whimsy is creating beautiful letterpress paper goods for your wedding day. We offer wedding packages for custom or pre-designed wedding suites! 

Custom Design

The sky is the limit for what we can design for you! Whether you need wedding invitations, a logo, business cards, or a poster we can make your vision become a reality.


From birthday cards to personal stationery Wit & Whimsy can create it tailored to you. We have ready to order products or can create a custom order around your idea!

Hand-lettering & Illustration

Skilled in typography and hand drawing, we can create custom lettering or illustrations to fit your style.


While letterpress previously relied only on hand set wood and metal types along with specially made engravings, modern plastic plates allow us to print artwork from digital files. The plates are then used on one of our cylinder or platen presses, where each sheet of paper is hand pressed over the plate to make a deep impression into the paper. We generate our own film and plates in house, which make our printing process flexible and faster.


A copper plate (instead of plastic) is used to heat stamp foil onto the paper. Printing can be done over-top letterpress and digital work since the foil is opaque. An advantage to using metallic foil is getting that shinny appearance.


A less expensive alternative to other print methods, digital printing give you the ability to have unlimited colors. The ink(toner) sits flat on the paper with no impression. Wit and Whimsy offers cotton or wood fiber papers to fit your budget.

Die Cutting

Die cutting can add that extra touch to a piece that makes it unique. A steel die presses the shape out of the paper, leaving the new edge design for each piece. The dies are limited in their complexity; small detail is especially difficult to cut from thick materials.

Screen Printing COMING SOON!

In this printing technique, a silk screen is used to transfer ink onto paper or other materials. The ink sits on-top of the paper instead of absorbing into the fibers so it works well with large areas of color and light ink on dark paper.